Services of venture process support for the Club members and partner companies
This activity, first of all, contributes to development of the comfortable conditions for the venture investment and for collaboration of the Club members and the projects as well as for the relationship development and comfortable working space creation for the sake of implementation of the VentureClub investment policy and following the interests of the Club members
Services for individuals
Asset managementTrust asset managementInvestment strategy creation for private and corporate investors
Portfolio management
  • Project portfolio formation
  • Project portfolio monitoring
Monitoring of portfolio companies
Services for legal entities
M&A strategy creation and realizationBusiness evaluation of projectsProject selection for investmentDue diligence of projectsSupport of project integration into the organization activities
Consulting services for projectsProject packaging for investmentCompany structure setting-upDevelopment strategy generatingMarketing strategy creatingIncorporating project into the Russian and global marketsJudicial services
  • participation in negotiations for signing the agreement
  • generating TermSheets, SHA and providing law analysis
  • registration of companies in the British law
Due Diligence
  • analysis of company management structure
  • checking-up clear law structure of the deal
  • checking-up financial reports
  • checking-up counting, declarating and paying the taxes
Consulting services for corporate playersHackaton organization
Corporate organization
  • Selection and expert evaluation of projects
  • Media support of the conference
  • Setting-up of juries of high expertise level
Consulting and help in organization the corporate accelerator